Healthcare Heroes


Here at The Vibe, we’re looking to make sure our healthcare workers and first responders know how much their contributions mean to all of us, especially in these challenging times.

These people are on the front lines and are doing all that they can to keep us all healthy and safe.

Take a few minutes and fill out the form below to show your appreciation.We’ll make sure to give them a big shoutout on the air.

Sponsored By: Banner University Medical Center Tucson, Southern Arizona’s Only Level 1 Trauma Center.





Messages (as of 5/23/2020)

From: Laura Duran

To: AZTraumaCats

Message: I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for my Trauma Team at Banner University Medical Center. Our Surgeons, Fellows and APP’s have worked countless hours, extra shifts and put themselves on the front lines to care for our community. I am grateful for their skills and proud to be a part of such an amazing Team. Love My AZTraumaCats!

From: Rebeka Lopez

To: The entire staff at Banner Whole Health Clinic

Message: Through this entire pandemic staff has continued to provide family medicine and behavioral health services to our general and seriously mental ill community. The dedication of the staff to our patients is incomparable!

From: Jaritzah LaMadrid

To: Billey Peralta, RN, DON

Message: A big shout out to my uncle Billey Peralta. Thank you for not only working on the frontlines daily and inspiring my own nursing aspirations but setting an example of what a selfless person looks like in and out of scrubs 24/7. I am so proud you, our nursing director!

From: Grace Paramo

To: Stephanie Montenegro CCMA

Message: Stephanie shown such dedication and empathy towards all our patients and staff throughout this whole pandemic. Has used her coaching skills to alleviate stress, panic from her team mates. She has been our go to for any questions that may arise without hesitation and no complaints. I greatly appreciate all she does! Irreplaceable

From: Cathy Lewis

To: Margaret and Melisa

Message:Margaret and Mellisa of NSI 2 RNs who provide in home heism. Thank you so much for all you do. Real hero during this time to me 3 days a week with dedication of professional

From: Isabel Romero

To: Clarissa Romero

Message:There are times as parents when you have proud moments of your children: my daughter who is a single mother and healthcare provider in Sells, AZ at their Hospital serving the Nations people. Though the pandemic has put the needs of serving the people in front of her own safety. I’ve never been prouder of her and all the hard work the whole team out there put in. Love you mija!

From: Jeff Senecal
To: Sandra Senecal
Message: I am so proud of what she does in her job, and the people she hepls.  Amazing woman!!

From: Debi Stover
To: Nichole Myers, RN
Message: Thank you my beautiful daughter for working such crazy hours and working in areas where you were needed most during this pandemic. You’re a team player and I couldn’t be more proud to be your mom. I love you sweetheart!

From: Darrell Mekker
To: Darrell Mekker
Message: Corrections officer keeping the public safe


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