D-Wayne Chavez

D-Wayne Chavez

Monday – Friday 5a-10a, Sundays 2p-6p

Kept the beginning of the bio the same added a story and quote. Let me know if this works for you. Thanks! 

Born and raised in Tucson, AZ, D-Wayne Chavez began his radio career in the late 90’s. A graduate of Cholla High School, D-Wayne has been a big part of the Tucson community. 

D-Wayne loves music, and when not on air, you can find him on social media interacting with his listeners. D-Wayne loves to hang out with friends and family but also loves helping out the community. 

Fun fact: I once met Mariah Carey, never met her in my life but when I introduced myself, she says to me I remember you to which my reply was oh yeah how have you been? We then had a conversation going for about 15 minutes and come to find out she is a really down to earth superstar. Spoke to me like we knew each other for years LOL. What was I supposed to say to her, I mean it’s Mariah Carey…


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