Krystal Pino

Krystal | Monday – Saturday, 10am – 2pm

Krystal has been a radio and television personality in Colorado and Arizona for two decades. Outside of the middays show on 97.5 the Vibe, Krystal enjoys stepping onstage for an open mic. She started her stand-up career in 2012 and has opened up for comedians like Felipe Esparza, Paul Mooney, and Donell Rawlings. In 2020, Krystal started a weekly lifestyle and entertainment Vlogcast with Crystal Stark. Candidly Krystal focused on supporting local entertainers and small businesses. You can watch past episodes on YouTube and Facebook Watch. Also, catch Krystal on the jumbotron inside McKale as the Arizona Women’s Basketball in-game host since 2019.

Krystal is a Silver Mic recipient, receiving the prestigious award from Colorado State University-Pueblo in May 2005. She was a Girls Inc. Ambassador for Girls Inc. Denver from 2010-2012 and hosted the “Miracle Party: A Magical Night for Kids with Cancer” from 2010-2015. Krystal considers her work giving back to the community some of the best moments of her career. Catch her show on 97.5 the Vibe Monday – Saturday from 10 AM – 2 PM. 

Who’s your favorite superhero and why? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Raphael if I had to pick one.

If you had a superpower, what would you want it to be? Flying is a must as a superhero. I also would want the ability to heal myself and other people, and super strength.

What would your superhero outfit look like? Orange is my favorite color, so that would be heavily incorporated. I learned from the Incredibles, DON’T USE A CAPE. The shoes would have to be on another level of style and comfort and give me some cool glasses so I can take them off when I walk away from an explosion. 

If your life was a sitcom, what would it be called and who would star as you? Krystal’s Comedic Life, can Jessica Rabbit play me, is she available? I’ll settle for Lindsey Lohan. 

What’s the weirdest fan encounter you’ve had? Do I have fans?

Who’s the artist you haven’t met yet, that you would like to (living or dead)? Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake or ALL of the original members of Earth Wind & Fire. 

If you could swap lives with a fictional character, who would it be and why? Elmo. Someone make this happen, please. 

What’s the weirdest rumor you’ve heard about yourself, that turned out to be completely false? 

If you could choose one person, living or dead, to be your BFF for the day, who, and why? What would you do with this person? The Rock, we’d pump some iron and do dope sh!t all day. Adele, she’s already my BFF in my head. Chrissy Teigen, I feel like we’d laugh and eat all day. And I get to hang around John Legend. 

What are your Pet peeves? people who litter, loud chewing, rude people, people who get up from the back of the plane when it lands just to stand in the aisle. 


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